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Spring Creek Manufacturing

Spring Creek - Drop-In Canoe Center Seat

Spring Creek - Drop-In Canoe Center Seat

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Spring Creek Manufacturing’s Drop-In Canoe Center Seat is just what you are looking for when wanting to add additional passengers to your canoe, or even for a solo paddle. No longer are the days of sitting on the wet canoe floor or a bucket. This durable, lightweight & width adjustable seat requires NO drilling and easily is assembled and removed in seconds.


Spring Creek Manufacturing is pleased to offer TWO Drop-In Seat sizes available

Small – For Canoes between 30″ and 34″ at the Widest Point

Regular – For Canoes between 34″ and 40″ at the Widest Point

*Spring Creek Manufacturing recommends you measure your canoe before placing your order to ensure correct size is ordered*

Each Drop in Seat comes with 1 seat, a pair of C clamps, 2 bolts, and 2 tightening knobs.

  • Strong aluminum frame
  • Frame can hold up to 300 pounds
  • Perfect seat for adding kids & additional passengers to a tandem canoe

From My Experience - 

The Spring Creek Drop-In Canoe Center Seat effortlessly adds extra seating to my canoe, making it perfect for bringing along an additional paddler or increasing comfort on solo trips. Its design is especially great for kids, providing a secure spot for them to enjoy the journey. This durable and quality-crafted seat from Spring Creek fits seamlessly into my canoe, enhancing outings without permanent alterations. It's an essential accessory for family paddling adventures, ensuring everyone, big or small, can join in on the fun.

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