Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I use this in place of my other maps?

Yes.  True North Maps are absolutely comparable to any other map on the market that you would use to navigate the Boundary Waters. Scale 1.5” to 1 mile, with detailed legend including elements such as: portages, campsites, entry points, hiking trails, topographic lines, UTM Grid.

Can I write on it?

Yes! For a permanent keepsake record you can use a Sharpie Marker to track your journey and memories. This will not wash off- but you can remember which campsites are your favorites and have a lasting memory of your trip. For a temporary log, we use Crayola Washable Markers to plot a route, then wash it off for the next adventure.

Are these screen printed?

No. Screen printing is a process transferring ink just to the surface of a material. True North maps utilizes a cutting-edge heat-transfer printing process to ensure that each and every detail will never blur, crack, or fade.

How long will it last?

As long as you do. Let’s put it this way- cloth maps from WWII are still around, and 50 years from now, ours will be too.

How do I know which map to order?

Decide on an entry point first. Each of our maps have the entry points listed in the product details and you are able to view the full map before purchasing. You can also view our overview map by clicking the "Which Map Do I Need?" link under Maps in the top menu.

What are the dimensions of each map?

Each Canoe Map is 25 X 24.5”. For wall maps, the BWCA only version is 8' Wide and 3' Tall. The BWCA & Quetico version is 7' Wide and 4' Tall. National Park maps vary in size, which can be found in the description

How many maps are there total?

True North has 17 maps in the complete Boundary Waters Set. There are an additional 3 specialized maps, BWCA 78, 79, and 80. There are 3 maps that cover the Quetico Set. For National Parks, each park has a different number based on the size and ensuring a functional scale for navigation.

Are they washable?

Yes. 100%. Even after hundreds of washes it will maintain the same vibrant color and detail and never shrink. We recommend a warm wash and line dry. Wash it immediately upon your return, dunk it in a lake or let the patina grow with marks of your blood, sweat and tears. Up to you!

What should I do if my trip spans across more than one map?

Lucky for you! Now you and your partner can each have one. You are also able to clip the maps together using a mini carabiner or a twistiebob. Every map comes with a button hole in each corner for ease of attaching.

Can I use this map more than once?

Absolutely! Our maps are meant to be well used and well loved.

How heavy is this map?

Our maps are very lightweight, most weighing in at under 3oz

What is the fabric like?

True North maps are made from a poly/blend fabric which provides ultra-soft, moisture wicking technology and UPF 50 for sun protection.

Where are True North maps made?

Staying true to our belief in the value of local business and products made in America, True North maps are made in Wisconsin. All edges are hand-sewn and each one inspected individually.

Why are there no campsites on Quetico Maps?

The formal policy of Quetico Provincial Parks is that there are no official campsites in the wilderness. Campsite data that appears on other Quetico maps will most likely be outdated and inaccurate. To plan your Quetico trip with campsites, we suggest finding the most accurate information on group forum websites such as and

What is your return policy?

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed We stand behind everything we sell. If you're not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it for a replacement or refund within 30 days. True North Map Company’s guarantee doesn’t cover ordinary wear and tear or damage caused by improper use or accidents and must follow our care guidelines.  ​  To initiate a return or exchange, please send an email to with your order details.