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Spring Creek Manufacturing

Spring Creek - Canoe Seat / Yoke

Spring Creek - Canoe Seat / Yoke

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The product that started it all, the Canoe Seat/Yoke was our first manufactured aluminum product. Designed to easily flip from canoe seat to canoe yoke in seconds. Our pads are made to absorb the shock of carrying a heavy load across a portage as well as comfort while on long paddles across the water. Seat/Yoke telescopes from 33.5″ Wide up to 40″ Wide.  Please specify width of canoe in the order notes to insure perfect Seat/Yoke fit

  • Holds up to 300 pounds
  • Easily adjustable pads to fit various shoulder sizes
  • Made from strong anodized aluminum
  • Several pad colors offered
  • Frame telescopes to fit different canoe widths.

From My Experience - 

The Spring Creek Canoe Seat/Yoke is a transformative accessory for my canoeing expeditions, seamlessly blending comfort with functionality. This ingenious design allows for a quick transition from a sturdy yoke for portaging to a comfortable seat for paddling, making it an essential tool for long journeys. Its construction speaks to the quality Spring Creek is known for, ensuring durability and reliability in the most challenging conditions. This seat/yoke has significantly enhanced my canoeing experience, providing not only ease during portages but also unmatched comfort while on the water. It's a perfect example of how smart design can elevate your outdoor adventures, making it easier to enjoy the serenity of paddling in nature.

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