Trip Planning Resources

When planning our own BWCA adventures, we rely on a variety of trusted resources to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip. These include detailed maps, gear recommendations, permit information, and route suggestions. Below, you’ll find links to some of the best websites for BWCA trip planning, providing everything you need from expert tips to essential checklists. Whether you’re a seasoned paddler or embarking on your first trip, these resources will help you make the most of your Boundary Waters experience. is a comprehensive resource for all things related to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. The site offers forums where you can connect with fellow paddlers, read trip reports, and get advice on gear and routes. It also features a wealth of information on permits, regulations, and the latest news about the BWCA. Whether you’re looking for detailed maps, campsite reviews, or tips from seasoned adventurers, has you covered. is an essential tool for planning your BWCA trip. The site provides interactive maps, route planning tools, and campsite ratings to help you design the perfect adventure. With detailed information on portages, lake distances, and difficulty levels, makes it easy to customize your trip based on your preferences and experience level. It’s a valuable resource for both novice and experienced paddlers.

Minnesota DNR LakeFinder

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources LakeFinder is an invaluable resource for anyone exploring Minnesota’s lakes, including those in the BWCA. This online tool provides detailed information on lake conditions, including water quality, fish species, and lake maps. Whether you’re planning a fishing trip or just want to learn more about the lakes you’ll be visiting, LakeFinder offers accurate and up-to-date data to help you prepare.