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Folding and refolding a fragile paper map is no way to spend your trip. True North Maps are long lasting, low maintenance, and accurate to guide you on your next adventure so you can free your mind to focus on what’s ahead. A new way to map starts today.

Dimensions: 25” x 24 ½”

Entry Points:



Abita Lake

Alder Lake
Allen Lake
Arrow Lake
Arrow Lake
Arrow Lake
Aspen Lake
Assinika Lake
Baker Lake
Ball Club Lake
Bean Lake
Bear Cub Lake
Bearskin Lake
Bench Lake
Birch Lake
Bow Lake
Bower Trout Lake
Bulb Lake
Bunga Lake
Canoe Lake
Caribou Lake
Caribou Lake
Carl Lake
Carrot Lake
Celery Lake
Chase Lake
Circle Lake
Clearwater Lake
Cleaver Lake
Crocodile Lake
Crystal Lake
Cucumber Lake
Dane Lake
Daniels Lake
Deer Lake
Dislocation Lake
Ditty Lake
Dot Lake
Dugout Lake
Duke Lake
Duncan Lake
Dunn Lake
East Bearskin Lake
East Otter Lake
East Twin Lake
Eggers Lake
Fag Lake
Fiddle Lake
Flour Lake
Gaskin Lake
Glenn Lake
Globe Lake
Gogebic Lake
Gore Lake
Greenwood Lake
Hand Lake
Hooker Lake
Horseshoe Lake
Hungry Jack Lake
Icicle Lake
Iota Lake
Ivory Lake
Jake Lake
Jim Lake
Kemo Lake
Kindle Lake
Kindreds Lake
Kindreds Lake
Kiowa Lake
Kraut Lake
Kroft Lake
Lac Lake
Lace Lake
Lake Helen
Lake Marie
Lake Twelve
Lantern Lake
Leo Lake
Lima Lake
Little Caribou Lake
Little Jim Lake
Little Trout Lake
Lizz Lake
Locket Lake
Logger Lake
Lullaby Lake
Lux Lake
Makada Lake
Marshall Lake
Mauser Lake
Melon Lake
Merganser Lake
Misquah Lake
Mit Lake
Moon Lake
Morgan Lake
Moses Lake
Moss Lake
Mountain Lake
Muckwa Lake
Muma Lake
Mush Lake
Musquash Lake
Nighthawk Lake
North Shady Lake
Northern Light Lake
Onion Lake
Osprey Lake
Ozada Lake
Paddle Lake
Parsnip Lake
Partridge Lake
Pea Lake
Peanut Lake
Pemmican Lake
Pewee Lake
Pierz Lake
Pine Lake
Pine Lake
Pine Mountain Lake
Pistol Lake
Pitcher Lake
Poplar Lake
Potato Lake
Prop Lake
Prune Lake
Ptarmigan Lake
Puddle Lake
Puff Lake
Quiver Lake
Ram Lake
Rat Lake
Redcoat Lake
Road Lake
Rocky Lake
Rose Lake
Rove Lake
Ruby Lake
Rudy Lake
Rum Lake
Sere Lake
Shelf Lake
Shoe Lake
Shoko Lake
Skidway Lake
Sled Lake
Slough Lake
Snack Lake
South Bean Lake
South Lake
Spark Lake
Spaulding Lake
Spen Lake
Spud Lake
Squash Lake
Squint Lake
Stony Lake
Strawberry Lake
Swamp Lake
Swamper Lake
Swan Lake
Swede Lake
Table Lake
Talus Lake
Thrush Lake
Tomato Lake
Trap Lake
Tunmore Lake
Turnip Lake
Vale Lake
Vista Lake
Wampus Lake
Watap Lake
West Pike Lake
West Twin Lake
Woodpecker Lake
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United States United States
I recommend this product
They work great.

I have bought 4 of them now to make sure I have one for each trip. The most impressive part was when it showed where the old growth was when we were on our way to Hudson Lake.

Andrew J.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Good product too expensive

Good maps, good detail, I just wish there was a way you could give some volume discounts or something 25 a map is quite a bit

Paddling Z.
It's good for a show-piece

I really want to like this. It's a beautiful show-piece but just not practical for how I know I use maps for my trips. I like to circle and write small notes on my maps for campsites and portages and this, being cloth that is much like a t-shirt, just isn't conducive to that. Also, being cloth, it doesn't hold folded form, like other "paper" maps that you're used to, so holding it up one-handed while you're trying to figure things out on the spot just doesn't feel right. Like I said, I really think this is done well, but I probably won't use them on an actual trip since it doesn't fit how I use my maps.

Larry N.
Nice map!!!!!!! I just wish it used the MGRS as well as lat / long

Nice map!!!!!!! I just wish it used the MGRS as well as lat / long. But in the end it is nice, well constructed, and easy to read.

isaac r.
Great detail, clarity, and material

Great detail, clarity, and material