Collection: BWCA Canoe Maps

Set off on your adventures with confidence using the True North BWCA Canoe Maps Collection. Each map in this series is a fusion of practicality and innovation, designed specifically for the dynamic needs of canoeists and kayakers. Measuring 25” x 24 ½”, these maps are incredibly versatile - wear them as a protective neckerchief, easily stash them in your pocket, or securely tie them to your pack.

Crafted from an ultra-soft fabric that is both sweat-wicking and UV-blocking, these maps are more than just navigational tools; they're designed to enhance your outdoor experience. Made using the latest and most accurate GIS data from multiple sources, our canoe maps provide you with the precision and detail needed for any paddling excursion.

Whether you're navigating serene lakes or challenging river rapids, the True North BWCA Canoe Maps Collection is ready to guide you on your next adventure, combining unmatched functionality with cutting-edge mapping technology.

BWCA Canoe Maps