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True North Cloth Face Covering
True North Cloth Face Covering
True North Cloth Face Covering
True North Cloth Face Covering
True North Cloth Face Covering

True North Cloth Face Covering

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Developed specifically for this time, True North Face Coverings were created to help protect our community.  

These face masks measure 12”x9.5” and are machine washable, multi-layered and fit snug against the face covering nose and mouth.

Each covering comes with a small pin to adjust material for a personal fit.  Face Coverings are made from Microfiber material and a 100% cotton layer. Soft against the face with just the slightest of stretch.  Lightweight and durable.

No elastic, no bands, no ties, just protection.  

Supply limited.

Patterns vary

**Please wash your Face Covering upon receiving and immediately after each use** 

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Additional Information:

How are these different from True North Gaiters?

A: Size and layers.  True North Map Co took their classic gaiter (two layers of microfiber material) and added a layer of 100% cotton. Oh Yay Studio developed the new design so wearers would have a tight fit that won’t slip off the face. True North Face Coverings are much tighter than gaiters. 

Price?: True North does not receive a profit off the Face Coverings. All face coverings are sold to cover cost, available for $11 plus shipping. 

How to wash?

A: Wash when receiving your face covering, then after each use. Warm wash, low heat or line dry.

Different sizes?

A: No. Face Coverings are made to be one size fits all, a small pin is included to adjust one inch from top if wearer desires a tighter fit.

In line with CDC Requirements?

The CDC’s new guidelines encourage the general population to cover their nose and mouth with cloth material when in public.

Guaranteed Protection against Covid 19?

No. Please stay at home. Please use social distancing if you need to be in public, wash your hands regularly and follow all CDC guidelines. When wearing face covering, refrain from touching material and wash hands and covering immediately after use. 

Stay healthy and let's work together to protect each other!


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